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Building Bridges

As a practicing physician, I ran for office as a voice for health. I seek to lead the way in building bridges in today’s politically polarized atmosphere, by working to balance the needs of the entire community in areas of access to and affordability of healthcare, justice and personal safety, the environment, education, and the economy.
I was raised on the principles of service, honesty, generosity and faith, by parents who encouraged hard work, open mindedness, and asking questions. As a commissioner, I will encourage citizen engagement in discussions of unmet needs in our community, and will support inclusive policies and a balanced budget. 

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Meet Fran

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Dr. Fran Bruder Melgar, 59, has been a resident of the 11th district for 25 years. She is a pediatrician and internist at Intercare Community Health Network in Pullman, MI. The Southfield, Michigan native is a 1983 graduate of Kalamazoo College, and a 1988 graduate of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.  Fran lives in the Wood Glen Estates neighborhood and is the loving mother of Brianna-27, Danielle-26, Sarah-23, Ryan-21, and Austin Melgar-(deceased).

Fran’s history of public service includes: 

  • Board member of Residential Opportunities, Inc. of Kalamazoo

  • Medical mission work in the Ivory Coast, Ghana and the Dominican Republic

  • Volunteer at Peace House of Kalamazoo

  • Volunteer at Outreach 360 (formerly known as Orphanage Outreach) in Nicaragua

  • Volunteer at ARCAS, an animal refuge in Guatemala.

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In addition, she is an active member of the League of Women Voters Kalamazoo Area, Just Faith, MOMS Demand Action, cofounder of The Science Club of Kalamazoo/Portage, and is an active member of St. Thomas More Catholic Student Parish. 

The Power of Community

Fran's candidacy was inspired, in part, by gratitude born of a personal experience of the positive power of community here in Kalamazoo County. In 2008, the Melgars lost the youngest of their five children, Austin Melgar, to cancer. “Friends, neighbors, caregivers and complete strangers rallied behind my family throughout Austin's illness. They gave us strength and helped us survive the unbearable. With their help, burdens were lifted, and suffering turned into healing. I saw a level of compassion and giving that will guide my actions in my role as a County Commissioner.”