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Sean McCann
MI State Senator
Patricia Randall.jpg
Patricia Randall
Portage Mayor
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Meredith Place
Candidate for Kalamazoo County Clerk/Register,
Current Dist. 11 County Commissioner

About a quarter of the County's budget goes toward health and welfare programs. That is why I am so excited to endorse Dr. Fran Bruder Melgar to be the next Kalamazoo County Commissioner for the 11th district. As a pediatrician and internist, she will bring a perfect lens to address the county's healthcare issues like infant mortality, the opioid epidemic, and providing great healthcare resources for our seniors and veterans. I encourage everyone to join me in supporting her campaign!

Chris Burns
Portage City Council
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Richard Fuller III
Kalamazoo County Sheriff
Mike Quinn, Kalamazoo County Commissioner, District 10
Mike Quinn
Kalamazoo County Commissioner
District 10
Jean Hess, Kalamazoo City Commisioner
Jean Hess
Kalamazoo City Commissioner

I've known Fran Bruder Melgar as a friend, as a Kalamazoo College alumna, and as a health professional in this community for over 20 years. Her life experiences have aligned to make her the most uniquely qualified person for a seat on the Kalamazoo County Commission. She is a critical thinker, a parent, and a physician who will be a voice of health for the entire county. Fran is also a woman of great faith, which I believe is helpful, given today's social and political challenges.

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Dr. Jan Werbinski
MD, FACOG,  President-Elect, American Medical Women’s Association; Clinical Associate Professor Emerita, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine

I am wholeheartedly endorsing Fran Bruder Melgar for Commissioner of the 11th District of Kalamazoo County, which includes my home address in Portage. I have worked with Fran over the past 40 years as a fellow physician in Kalamazoo. Fran is honest, hard-working, heartfelt, and passionate about Kalamazoo, especially regarding health, preventive healthcare services, clean water, and preservation of green spaces.  She is an excellent physician and devoted to providing healthcare services to the underserved and disenfranchised. She is always the first one to volunteer to help others in need.

I will be voting for Fran Bruder Melgar in November, and I hope others in District 11 will do the same.

Keshia Dickason.jpg
Keshia Dickason
Candidate for County Commissioner
District 9

I feel fortunate Fran has offered to work for us as County Commissioner.  Her passion for the environment and her social conscience are unwavering.  With Fran as commissioner we will be assured issues affecting us will be looked at with thoughtful consideration and in the best interest of all.   I will be proud and encouraged to have Fran as our County Commissioner.

Kathy Barnitz
Portage Real Estate Agent
Dr. Matt Longjohn
Public Health Advocate
& Former Candidate for Congress, Michigan 6th District
Matt Longjohn.JPG

Please join me in supporting Dr. Fran Bruder Melgar for County Commission!
As a public health advocate, I'm always telling folk that 80% of our health is derived from actions we take without any medical interactions. Where we live, work, learn, play and pray influences our health greatly, and community leaders need to understand how to take a "health in all policies" approach to policymaking.
Luckily for us in Kalamazoo County, we have a candidate for County Commission who is a doc with a deep understanding of the importance of community-level policy in public health, and she is trying to hang on to a Blue seat that was only recently flipped from being Red in 2018. Fran is ready to play a huge role in addressing health in our community. I hope you'll support Dr. Fran Bruder Melgar in the coming weeks. We need her voice now more than ever!

So excited to have Fran as our next County Commissioner. I know she will give it her all, just as she does in every area of her life, whether it is her work as a doctor, as a mom, or as a fighter for social justice.

Julie Cartier
Dist. 11 Resident, West Lake area

Fran is a person who knows what it's like to have gone through some of the toughest things that life can throw at us, and she's not only still standing, but radiates positive energy. If anybody can help get today's polarized 'sides' to listen to one another and work together to hammer out good decisions for our community, it's Fran. I can't wait to see her bring all of her life experience, education, and that unrelenting positive energy to the job of County Commissioner!

Ellen Robare
Dist. 11 Resident, Northwest Portage